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Sales Policy

RebelWood Heritage Breeds reserves the right to retain any animal born on our farm, for any reason, at any time up until a sale is finalized. Kids will be placed in appropriate homes at the seller's discretion. In the case of breeding stock sold, preference will be given to established herds participating in performance programs. Communication with me via email or Facebook regarding an animal for sale, does not constitute a binding agreement on my part to sell you that particular animal, until you and I reach an agreement, and a deposit has been placed.


Buyers Responsibilities


Free reservations can be made using the form on the Breeding Plan and Reservations page. Let us know what you're looking for, and the best way to contact you. If the kid you're looking for becomes available, I will contact you, and you'll have the option to put down a deposit to hold until weaning, or make arrangements to pick your kid up within 5 days if you wish to bottle feed. I will honor the price listed on the breeding schedule at the time of your reservation. Prices on unreserved kids may go up as performance awards are given, when milk stars are earned, and after our Linear Appraisal session. 

I also maintain a list of interested buyers for current herd members that may become available down the road. Contact me if there's somebody you would absolutely love to add to your herd. You never know, I might just say yes!

Unreserved kids, and any adults that become available will be listed on the sales pages of this website. 


When sending inquiries on a specific animal for sale, please send an email to with answers to the following questions, or if you are an established herd, send links to your farm website or Facebook page. This just gives me an idea of your needs as a buyer. 

1) Do you already own goats, or are you a new goat owner? Are you looking for pets (wethers), or breeding stock (does, doelings, or intact bucks)?

2) What is your year round reliable source for good quality hay?

3)Name and number of the farm animal veterinarian you currently use, or intend to use. Have you already contacted this person to see if they treat goats?

4) Include photos of where you plan to keep goats. Not looking for anything fancy. They need something dry, out of the wind, with tight fences. 

5) Do you rent or own your property? How big is it? Have you looked into laws regarding keeping livestock on your property in the town you reside in?


To reserve a goat on the sales page, a deposit in the amount of half the purchase price will hold that animal for a period of 2 weeks, or in the case of kids, until the kid is 8-10 weeks of age. Deposits can be paid in cash or by check.  They are NONREFUNDABLE, and not transferable to another animal if you change your mind. The balance due must be paid in cash before any animal can leave the farm. No checks will be accepted on the day of pickup. There are several ATM's in town less than a mile from the farm. Plan accordingly. 


The buyer is responsible for arranging pickup prior to 10 weeks of age for kids, or within 2 weeks for adults. After 10 weeks of age, or 2 weeks for adults,  a $5 a day boarding fee will be charged. This must be paid in cash before the goat leaves our farm. If you don’t pick your kid up when you say are going to, and you don’t communicate with us as to what your plans are within a 3 day period, we will relist the kid for sale and your nonrefundable deposit will not be returned to you. We are reasonable people. We understand things happen. If you must change your plans, please be courteous, and give us as much notice as possible. We will do the same. 

The buyer is responsible for all transport fees and arrangements, including any interstate shipping requirements.


Sellers Responsibilities


Goat kids will be disbudded, tattooed, vaccinated for CD&T and up to date on deworming and coccidia prevention prior to pickup.


ADGA registration applications will be included in the sale of goat kids, unless otherwise specified.


All goats in our herd over 6 months of age have tested negative for CAE and Johnes through NCVDL as of March, 2019, and yearly.


The buyer and the seller will inspect the animal at time of pickup. Any animal that does not appear to be in good health will not leave the farm. The health of the animal is the responsibility of the buyer once it leaves our farm. We can not take animals back once they leave our farm due to biosecurity concerns.


The seller will be available to answer questions and provide support to buyers. Please keep us updated on how things are going! We love to hear how our babies are doing, and take great pleasure in mentoring new goat owners.





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