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Notes on Goats

The following is a compilation of my own thoughts, observations, and management strategies for my own herd.


Much of it is the result of trial and error, and learning things the hard way over the better part of the last decade owning goats.


Some of it was gained growing up on a rotationally grazed, grass based dairy in Central New York. I milked cows from the time I could reach the pipeline in my father's barn, and had a large part in managing youngstock and calves until I went off to SUNY Cobleskill to study Dairy Science and Agribusiness.

I've milked cows, goats, and even sheep under a variety of environments and management strategies. Spent several years working in a large animal veterinary clinic watching a dozen experienced vets treat farm animals. Then topped it all off with a decade long nursing career before coming full circle back to agriculture. 

I've managed to pick up a few things along the way, and I'm continuously reading, researching, and squirreling away bits of new information. 


Many of these topics cover questions that I'm asked frequently by people we've sold goats to, and I'm putting them all in one place to make finding the information more convenient for all. 

Most of it is geared toward dairy goat management, and specifically Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, although much of it applies to standard breeds. 

Again, this is how I choose to manage things in my own herd, because it's what works for me and my animals.

As with most things, keeping livestock alive and productive is something of an art form, and there are many ways of doing things.

Feel free to use this as a starting point.

Message me with questions.

Then move forward from there, and figure out what works for you.

Notes on Getting Your Goat

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Notes on Milking Goats

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Notes on Diseases and Testing for Goats

Notes on Parasites and Treating for Them

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Notes on Showing Your Goats

Notes on Selling Goats

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