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Does highlighted in green have reservations open.

Does highlighted in gold have all doelings spoken for. Contact me for buckling reservations.

Due dates highlighted in blue are first fresheners. 


If on a phone or tablet, and you only see names and due dates, swipe right over the kidding plan for prices and more information. 


*Most buck kids are sold as wethers, unless someone is expressly interested in an intact buck from a certain breeding. Please contact me if you're shopping for an intact buckling to discuss your needs. Very rarely do I list baby bucks on our sales page. Buckling prices are $100 less than the doe price listed, in most cases. *

Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!

Reservations are free!

If and when the kid you want is born, I will contact you by way of your preferred method, so please let me know what's easiest for you.

A deposit of half the purchase price will hold your kid until weaning, or if you wish to bottle raise your kid, pickup must be arranged during the first week after kidding.

I will honor the price listed on my kidding schedule at the time of a reservation.

Prices may be adjusted after does kid, as performance awards are given, when milk stars are earned, and after Linear Appraisal in September 2019. 

Reservations do not carry over from year to year. 

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